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Pennsylvania Bankruptcy - Potter County, McKean County, Tioga County 

Bankruptcy & Debt Relief

We help people in Pennsylvania file for bankruptcy* and get debt relief help. There is no fee for an initial consultation. 

Over 1 million people filed for bankruptcy last year to get relief from debt and harassing creditors. Most of our bankruptcy clients are hardworking Pennsylvania families who through no fault of their own cannot pay the bills and need to obtain debt relief. We help people who have lost their jobs, whose business has gone under, or who have suffered from a debilitating disease or accident get debt relief and a fresh start.

Debt can be overwhelming. Let our firm help you. Don't be afraid of your creditors. We can make them leave you alone. Contact us today. There is no charge for the initial consultation.


Bankruptcy Highlights

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13      

There are two types of bankruptcies that individuals may qualify for - Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 in Pennsylvania.** Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is harder to qualify for but is generally more desirable because in general you get to keep all your stuff and the debt goes away. Chapter 7 bankruptcies are also very quick so you can rebuild your credit sooner. In Chapter 7, most unsecured debts are forgiven. In addition, some assets are exempt.

In Chapter 13, you to pay your debts in installments over an agreed-upon time period, usually three to five years. In mot cases you pay back back pennies on the dollar with no interest or other penalties. Chapter 13 plans are used when the debtor makes too much money or has too many assets to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Top Four Reasons People File

  1. Health care bills.

  2. Credit Card debt/ high interest rate loans make paying off the debt impossible.

  3. Illness or injury cause a dramatic decrease in income.

  4. Unemployment or small business failure.

Don't give into fear and don't be ashamed. These situations are why bankruptcy exists. We know you would pay your bills if you could. Bankruptcy will give you a new start so you can tackle debt and provide for your family.


Creditors Harassing You? - Know Your Rights


Consumer debt collection is regulated by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The Act protects people from abusive debt collection practices. It places limits on how often they can call, what they can say, and how they can collect a debt. Give us a call if you are being harassed. The Act provides for $1,000.00 per violation and attorney's fees. Consultation on FDCPA cases is free. Better yet, if you hire our firm you will never pay any fee to us to pursue an FDCPA claim. We will collect the fees directly from the creditor who is harassing you!



From offices in Coudersport, Potter County, Pennsylvania, Ross and Ross, LLC serves the personal injury, bankruptcy, social security disability, divorce and family law needs of Western, Northwestern, Central and North Central Pennsylvania including the communities of Coudersport, Galeton, Shinglehouse, West Branch, Smethport, Port Allegany, Bradford, Roulette and Wellsboro, as well as Potter County, McKean County, Tioga County, Bradford County and other areas of Western PA and Central PA.

* Federal law requires the following disclosure: We are a debt relief agency helping people file for relief through bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code.

** There are other types of bankruptcies.  Chapter 11 is for businesses and chapter 12 applies to farms.
***Legal Disclaimer: The contents of this site are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.  No lawyer-client relationship exists until one of our attorneys meets with you and agrees to accept you as a client.

In addition to Mckean, Potter, Tioga, Elk, Cameron, Clinton, and Lycomng Counties in PA, we provide bankruptcy services in the twin tier area to Cattaraugus County NY, including Olean,

Committed to helping you...

Ross & Ross Law Office
One East Third Street
Coudersport, PA 16915
Phone: (814)274-8612

* Free initial consultation applies to bankruptcy and personal injury cases.

Privacy policy: We understand that privacy is important. We do not collect any information unless you choose to contact us.  If you choose to contact us, we collect your contact information, which is not disclosed to any third party.  It is used solely to allow us to contact you if you have requested us to contact you.

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