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Monday, December 28 2020
Bankruptcy | We Care About You | Nice Bankruptcy Attorney | Coudersport PA | McKean County

Not long ago, we were contacted by someone looking for help dealing with debt.  We spent some time together figuring out whether a Chapter 7 bankruptcy would work for him and looking into some other options.  When we were done, I asked him why he chose our law firm.

I was surprised by the answer.  In addition to the reviews he saw, the reason was that after he reading our web site, he could tell that we cared about helping people. 

That meant so much to me.  All of the content published on our site is something that I write.  It comes from personal experiences with dealing with my clients and friends.  I do not like seeing people struggling with debt when there is a solution.  I am also angered by debt consolidation and other false promises of hope that I see too many people turn to first.

At Ross Law, we have a unique approach to bankruptcy.  We began helping people with debt because one of my friends was operating a trucking business that failed.  With such a business it is easy to rack up huge fuel bills despite working yourself to the bone.  That was our entry into the world of bankruptcy.  We could not find another attorney who was both competent and caring anywhere near our area.  So I learned bankruptcy law to help a friend.  That is how it all started here, it is important to me that our clients know that we support them and are here to help them – even if they are simply reading our web site for the first time.

If you are a first-time reader of our blog, feel free to read other articles or jump right in by calling me today.  As always, I do not charge for an initial consultation to determine if a bankruptcy will help you.

After doing this for many years, one of the things that I have found that is helpful, is that I have practiced many types of law, and my staff has experience in multiple areas as well.  Bankruptcy law interacts with divorce law.  Bankruptcy impacts real estate and home purchases.   (Read other blog article or contact us to learn how it impacts your credit.  You’ll be surprised to learn how quickly your credit can recover.

To all of our readers and clients, stay safe.  Wishing you all a new beginning in 2021.


 As always, bankruptcy consultations are free and we will not disclose your information to anyone.

If you need help managing debt or deciding whether to take a loan, negotiate debts, consolidate debt, or file bankruptcy, call us today.  We will answer your questions.  After we talk, you will understand your options.   

Committed to helping you...

Note:  Right now we are conducting all of our meetings by telephone.

Main Office
One East Third Street
Coudersport, PA 16915
Phone: (570) 309-6690
Phone: (814) 274-8612

In case you are not familiar with Coudersport 16915, it is the county seat of, Potter County, Pennsylvania, United States.  Right now all of our appointments are by telephone, but should you need to run by to drop off documents, I always recommend visitng our charming little town.  We recommend Olga's for a surprisingly upscale lunch, or the Crittendon for some great cooking.

If you need help in Potter County, McKean County, Elk Count, Cmeron County, Williamsport, Muncy, Lycoming County or Clinton County, give us a call and see the difference paying attention to the little things can make!  We offer convenient consultations by phone.  No need to travel anywhere to speak with us.

Call our bankruptcy attorneys.  We will help you figure out how to get out from the medical bills, loans, credit cards, business debts or whatever the debt is.  Our bankruptcy attorneys care passionately about helping people to be debt free.  Let our bankruptcy attorneys work for you!

If you need help in other areas of the law, our firm handles injury cases, workers compensation, bankruptcy, general litigation, and family law.  We do not charge for car accident consultation or for a bankruptcy evaluation. We take most injury cases on a contingency basis, which mean that you will not owe us anything unless we get money for you.  Leave our office armed with powerful information about your rights.  For Lycoming, Clinton, and Tioga Counties reach us at (570) 309-6690.  For help in McKean and Potter County 16915, call us at  (814) 274-8612. 

* Federal law requires the following disclosure: We are a debt relief agency helping people file for relief through bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code.
***Legal Disclaimer: The contents of this site are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice.  No lawyer-client relationship exists until one of our attorneys meets with you and agrees to accept you as a client.

* David B. Ross is an attorney at The Ross Law Firm.

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We also happily assist clients in Clinton County, PA.

Bankruptcy Attorneys happily serving Williamsport, PA.

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Committed to helping you...

Ross & Ross Law Office
One East Third Street
Coudersport, PA 16915
Phone: (814)274-8612

* Free initial consultation applies to bankruptcy and personal injury cases.

Privacy policy: We understand that privacy is important. We do not collect any information unless you choose to contact us.  If you choose to contact us, we collect your contact information, which is not disclosed to any third party.  It is used solely to allow us to contact you if you have requested us to contact you.

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