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If you have been involved in an automobile accident, then you know that it can be frightening and disorienting. Unfortunately, that describes not only the accident itself but the process of how to recover for your losses, getting your car fixed or replaced, getting your medical bills paid, and getting on with your life.


For most people, there is this terrible moment when you realize that you cannot avoid being hit.  Then comes a deafening bang as metal and plastic collide at highway speeds followed by an eery silence.  Then the fear. Am I ok? Are they ok? Should I move? Is the car on fire?

The best thing that you can do is to be prepared ahead of time. If you are going out in snowy weather, have adequate clothing with you. Have something in the car with you that you can use to smash a window out with or to cut the seat belt with if you can’t get it to release.

Take a minute to compose yourself and stay calm after an accident. Figure out it you are hurt. Look around and see if you are in any real danger. Is the car on fire? Are you still in the highway with traffic coming toward you? Once you know what is going on around you, use common sense to decide what to do. If others are around, let them help you.


This is where the real “fun” begins. You will need to call your insurance company to set up a claim. You will need to talk with them about repairs or replacement of your vehicle and whether your policy covers a rental in the meantime.

If you were not at fault and you were injured, be careful about talking with the other party’s insurance company. They want to get you to say you are ok even when you aren’t so they can try to deny your claim later. Also, be careful of any offers to settle. If you settle with them, you may very well be giving up any right to recover anything else. Many times the severity of your injury may not be known for some period of time. Don’t be pressured into a settlement until you know how injured you are. Do consult with an attorney. An attorney can help you make informed decisions and sort though all the different insurance issues and subrogation issues to make sure you don’t end up with problems later.

A knowledgeable attorney can help you coordinate insurance coverage, identify the at fault party, negotiate with insurance companies, deal with claims for reimbursement by medicare or employer based insurance plans, evaluate and value your case, evaluate structured settlements, and allow you to focus on getting better instead of dealing with the complicated legal issues.

If you were seriously injured in a Pensylvania automobile accident, contact the attorneys at Ross & Ross, LLC – “We are Committed to Helping You.”

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