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Coudersport Divorce Attorney
Coudersport Divorce Attorney

5 Ways to Stop Thinking About Your Divorce

Going through divorce can be consuming with all of its emotional and financial stressors. But, like almost everything else in our lives, there are ways to overcome and let go of the fears and worry tearing at your mind and heart.

Not surprisingly, these tips for forgetting your divorce also help to let go of stress in general. We hope you find these ideas helpful and uplifting during a time of trial.

5. Exercise

Ah, just like all of those other sites, we are including moderate exercise in our list of tips to live a less stressful, more fulfilling life. Exercise conquers your wandering mind in a number of ways. On top of the mood-enhancing endorphins released during exercise, physical activity is good for your self-esteem and having goals and motivation toward getting fit is a healthy focus.

Try trading lunch-time Facebooking for an afternoon walk. You might also consider grabbing a run or attending an exercise class with a friend. Making exercise a daily or weekly routine is proven to elevate your mindset.

4. Focus on Your Food

What? How is my sandwich going to cure my blues? It isn’t – but it might take the edge off.

It can be easy to succumb to depression or fall into a slump when trudging through a divorce. Unfortunately, your body can follow your mind’s lead in becoming weary and bogged down. One way to get and remain energized is to focus on eating healthy meals and snacks. Reward your mind and body for surviving this trial with the food that treats it best: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish and seafood, colorful salads, and more.

Focusing on eating healthy food will give you more energy to conquer your daily mountains.

3. Let It Out

If you are dealing with emotional struggles while enduring your divorce, let them out; call your family and call your friends. As humans, we experience real emotional relief when we express our internal struggles to someone caring enough to listen. They might have advice or ideas you haven’t thought of. They might even share an experience or perspective with you that changes the way you think about this situation.

If “talking” isn’t easy or comfortable for you, consider writing. No, not a diary. Try writing your feelings, fears, discomforts, etc. down on paper just to let them out. You might even be able to extinguish some of your fears by looking at what they really are.

2. Music

Nothing is more maddening than listening to your own thoughts all day. So, if you aren’t or can’t be around other people for most of the day, consider enjoying music while you are alone. Music reduces cortisol, which is your stress hormone. It also provides you with a much needed light-hearted distraction from your thoughts.

You might find that you can better face your worries when you haven’t dwelled on them all day because you have been too busy singing along.

1. Get Out of Your Head

If your mind is really your worst enemy, it certainly is during your divorce. We let our anxieties and insecurities consume us so much that we don’t notice the world around us.

So, get out of there. Change your routine, do something spontaneous, go on adventures with your friends, develop new hobbies, and find new, healthy ways to let your mind flourish. It’s easier to let go of the past when you are building an exciting new future.

*The contents of this page are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal or medical advice

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