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Why You Should Hire an Attorney When You're Charged With a Crime
Why You Should Hire an Attorney When You're Charged With a Crime

Sometimes, when people are charged with crimes, they try to go it alone. It seems cheaper to just “take care of things” on their own. Most of those people regret that decision later.

Hiring an attorney to help you handle criminal charges provides you with several valuable benefits, including:

1. Peace of mind – knowing, at all times, that there is an experienced attorney fighting for you

2. Evidence – having an attorney who knows what evidence to gather, where to get it, and how to present it to the District Magistrate and Judge to best support your case. We know how to secure evidence that would otherwise be lost. Don’t make the mistake of thinking an overworked police officer is going to run down every lead and secure evidence that might undermine their case and help you.

3. Representation – having an experienced attorney represent you at all court proceedings with evidence specially gathered and specifically presented to fight for you

4. Experience – one wrong word to the wrong person could land you in jail even if you are innocent; an attorney can direct and handle all communication required in your case.

5. Negotiation – we know how to negotiate for you.

If you hire us early enough, we may be able to keep you from being charged or get the charges reduced.

Hiring an attorney to handle your criminal charges is an important investment. It is vital to have an experienced lawyer present your case for the best outcome possible. If you have been charged with a crime in McKean or Tioga County, please call us today at 814-274-8612 to schedule a consultation. We will fight for you.

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